Thursday, June 3, 2010


By Michael David Rawlings
The only things that prevent a world of plenty as they produce a world of hurt are bloated, corrupt governments and the thieves who run them.  —Michael David Rawlings

There's plenty of room and resources on earth to sustain current and future populations. It's not a scarcity of resources that threaten us, but a scarcity of human liberty. In other words, the real threat is the invariably incompetent interference of governments with the management of the production and distribution of resources.

The hysteria over climate change due to carbon emissions is politically driven—a hoax comprised of pseudoscientific blather hastened by government grants.

Of course the hoax is unraveling, increasingly seen for what it is, just like the other hysterias of recent decades came to be known for what they were: the population bomb of the '60s, the global cooling of the '70s (LOL!) and the impending nuclear winter of the '80s, that is to say, President Reagan's determination to end d├ętente with that monstrous paper tiger and bury it with our economic and technological might.

(Leftists will never forgive Reagan for defeating the Soviet Union and demolishing their fabled "perpetual coexistence.")

But real science, commonsense, socioeconomic realities, the true nature of the human condition, the lessons of history and the real motives of those who agonize over the "chaos" of free markets: all these things are lost on the tree huggers, the earth worshipers, those who would reduce the human race (the divine spark) to a pack of beggars.  These are the "enlightened" ones who live in the fantasy world of the zero-sum-gain.  Their heads, full of the mush dispensed by leftist media and academia.

They're idiots.

The fact that the resource-multiplying advances of technology—the essence of food production, for example—are virtually unlimited is lost on them. They are the sheeple following the elites who would dismantle the intellectual and economic infrastructure of these advances.  They are the self-fulfilling prophecy of doom and gloom in the midst of plenty.

Visionless, unimaginative slugs.

The most immediate threat to the West, other than the government policies behind the most immediate threat, is the failure of its indigenous peoples to adequately reproduce themselves, to resupply the human resource needed to sustain their culture, the world's epicenter of scientific, economic and political progress.

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