Thursday, October 31, 2013

Judge threatens homeschooling parents

by Bob Unruh
October 29, 2013
The parents of four homeschooled children forcibly removed from their home by police armed with a battering ram have now been threatened by a judge with criminal sanctions if they move forward on a plan to move out of Germany.
As WND reported at the end of August the children, ages 7 to 14, were forcibly taken from their Darmstadt, Germany, home by law-enforcement authorities who told parents Dirk and Petra Wunderlich they wouldn’t see the children again soon.
The children were returned to their home three weeks later after the parents, given no choice by the federal bureaucracy in Germany, agreed to allow their kids into public schools despite their objection to the decadent social and religious instructions present there.
Since then the family has considered its alternatives, including emigrating from Germany where authorities stand today on a Nazi-era law banning homeschooling to a friendlier nation.
However, according to a report from the Home School Legal Defense Association, which has been working on behalf of the Wunderlich family, a judge slammed that door.
The organization reported a judge who has a hearing scheduled in December for the family “said he won’t let the family emigrate to other European countries where homeschooling is legal.”

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why the Limbaugh/Krauthammer/Will Tiff is Healthy

By C. Edmund Wright
October 30, 2013
American Thinker

Rush Limbaugh won't say it in so many words, but he (very correctly) called into question the discernment capabilities of Charles Krauthammer and George Will this week on his show. Rush insists he was "merely flabbergasted" at their slow to evolve perception of Barack Obama -- and was only using them as examples to make a bigger point. That notion doesn't really line up with his very words however.
Very clearly, Rush is somewhat irked that Dr. K and George Will were so badly bamboozled by Obama -- while so many of us racist 'rubes' never were. To be fair, the word "dupe" was not spoken, but I think a case can be made that it was indeed implied. Somewhere, I suspect Sarah Palin -- who was never confounded by Obama and yet was widely insulted by both of these luminaries - must be having a well-deserved laugh, too. 
In case you missed it, this kerfuffle started Monday on Rush's show when he responded with incredulity to some quotes from Krauthammer on a Fox News Special prompted by his just released book, admitting he did not peg Obama until weeks after he took office. Dr. K said, " know, I haven't been able to figure this guy out.  Is he a centrist who will occasionally throw a bone to the left or is he a lefty who will occasionally throw a bone to the right?"  Nobody had any idea."
Well, yes, Dr. Krauthammer, some of us did have an idea of who he was. For example, Sarah Palin had an idea. The conservative base had an idea. That's why the Tea Party exploded onto the scene so quickly -- because millions of us had the idea down pat many months before Rick Santelli -- who also had an idea -- named the movement. And yes, Rush and Mark Levin and Sean Hannity all had him figured out too.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Analysis: 'Obamacare' Website Problems Could Bring Down All of 'Obamacare'

By Napp Nazworth
October 26, 2013|8:00 am
The Christian Post

The Affordable Care Act, also known as "Obamacare," is "not just a website," President Barack Obama recently said. True. The law is expansive, with lots of different parts. If the problems with are not fixed soon, though, the rest of the law is threatened.
To understand why, it is first necessary to understand what the ACA is mainly trying to accomplish.
While the full title of the law is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the primary purpose of the law is not to protect patients or make health care more affordable (though some parts of the law attempt to do that.) At its core, the ACA is mainly about providing more Americans with health insurance coverage.

Friday, October 25, 2013

How to Open the Windows of Heaven

By Pat Francis
2:00PM EDT 10/24/2013
Charisma Magazine

The church of Jesus Christ has far more might than it realizes. We can penetrate heaven with our prayers and see the power of God released. 
Our access to God grants us enormous privileges. The church literally can tear the heavens open and summon the power of God. We can petition Him and cause heaven to react to what we pray.
God's Word says that supernatural acts are available from a supernatural God to a certain kind of people. To people who will love Him, God is willing to give unlimited favor and miracles.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

3 Ways to Unlock the Supernatural in Your Life

By Larry Sparks
2:00PM EDT 10/18/2013              
Charisma Magazine

Recently, while watching an old video clip of Kathryn Kuhlman addressing an audience of students at ORU, I was awestruck by how she opened the service. It was her prayer that really stirred my spirit. This general of the faith who is renown for her powerful, miraculous healing ministry let me in on the secret of her supernatural success.
She introduced the service with prayer, and cried out—"No one in the whole world is as hungry for more than the one who is speaking this morning…every atom of my being is crying out for more. There is so much more." This woman who had seen God do so much right before her very eyes was actually discontent coasting at her present level of revelation and experience. Though she unceasingly celebrated what God did and was doing, she also lived with a very healthy degree of tension that caused her to contend for every bit of "more" that God had made available through the indwelling Presence of the Holy Spirit.
Right there in Kuhlman's voice, I heard two characteristics that will surely propel us into experiencing the supernatural in increasing measure in both our lives and ministries: Humility and hunger. When given a moment to reflect upon the leaders and spiritual pioneers who have most radically impacted my life, these two categories come up time and time again as common denominators. 
Let me give you three examples of contemporary spiritual leaders who exemplify these essential traits, along with three characteristics we can learn from their approach to God, ministry and revival.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Magnificent Imbeciles: The Enemy Within

 By Jen Kuznicki
October 14, 2013 


Karl Rove
Peter Wehner



Michael Gerson
Jennifer Ruben


Grover Norquist
All of the aforementioned Imbeciles represent a faction at the DC level, who are trying to destroy the coalitions and definitions within the GOP.  The State GOPs in turn have their own representation of these malefactors, and are engaged in the same tactics as the Imbeciles, to the detriment of their own party unity.  They refuse to as much as listen to the constitutional arguments and pocketbook reality of tea party members and constitutional conservatives, but they will tout an idea from a Democrat, from a philosophy diametrically opposed to their own party’s.
These Imbeciles are the enemy within the GOP.  They came to us, year after year, living off the fat of the Reagan Presidency, swearing they were what he was.  But not only are they attacking private citizens in little towns across America, they are attacking the talk radio conservatives who come into millions of people’s homes every day, educating and providing, like Reagan did, the articulation of conservatism the nation so desperately needs.
Those who are paying attention to politics are unhappy.  They are upset at Obama for being the Marxist-In-Chief, and are upset at the GOP for not doing a damn thing about it, for failing to acknowledge and diagnose the problem, and for spending billions to remain a minority party.
The direction of the GOP with the Imbeciles in power will continue to lose at the federal level, and can only further tear apart the GOP, disuniting and agitating rather than building coalitions and embracing the common sense of the common man.
They are fakes, phonies, frauds and Magnificent Imbeciles, and they need to be picked apart and dispatched from politics if America is to survive.
Senator John McCain

Senator Lindsey Graham

Congressman Pete King

Governor Chris Christie

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Latest in Islamic Revisionism

By Joe Herring and Dr. Mark Christian
October 13, 2013
American Thinker

Many are familiar with the concept of revisionist history -- the rewriting of past events to reflect a particular bias -- but there is a contemporary example that receives far too little attention in our American media, that being the history of Jews in the Middle East.

Palestinian apologists have made a major industry out of creating a past for themselves by distorting the archeological record.  What cannot be distorted is ignored, and what cannot be ignored has, in some cases, been destroyed.  Not surprisingly, this particular form of historical reconstruction invariably finds the lowly Jew to be an interloper in the Middle East -- not only now, but throughout all of discernable history.

One such apologist, Mr. Maen Rashid Areikat, "honored" our fair city of Omaha, Nebraska recently when he spoke at the invitation of the Global Studies Conference at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.  Mr. Areikat is the director-general at the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Negotiations Affairs Department and a close advisor of Mahmoud Abbas.  He is presently the chief representative of the PLO delegation to the United States.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Liberal Child Abuse [Or How I Learned to Love Grand Theft Liberal]

By Tom Trinko
October 11, 2013
American Thinker

A key moment so far in the shutdown drama was when Harry Reid, the liberal Democrat head of the Senate, stated that he didn't care if children with cancer missed out on medical care.
While this shocked many, the simple fact is that liberals tend to be very much unconcerned about children.  After all, liberals are keen supporters of killing children before they're born, and sometimes even after, so the thought that liberals are more concerned with their own political power than with children shouldn't be surprising.
Historically, liberals talk a good game about children -- using them to justify bigger government and more power for liberals over our lives -- but they don't ever walk the walk.  Aside from having far fewer children than conservatives -- witness the concern about the "birth gap" -- liberals are also very big fans of abortion, which always kills a child, and they tend to lean towards prioritizing career over parenting.

During the 1970s, it became obvious that the massive welfare state the liberals loved was destroying the black family by incentivizing single parenthood, yet liberals fought tooth and nail to continue the system, even though it was obviously hurting black children.  Really caring about children means working to ensure that they can grow up in an intact family or at the very least not encouraging the breakup of families.

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Obama Vs. The Veterans

by Elise Cooper
October 9, 2013
American Thinker
The government has been shut down since October 1st and President Obama has decided to close Washington by making life as inconvenient as possible. He did this before with the Sequestration when he would not permit any White House tours. Instead of understanding that he should work for the best interests of Americans, helping them wherever possible, he has done just the opposite. It appears he sees this as a game where he wants to win at all costs with the clear loser the American people. In response there is the possibility of a new rally, "Million Vet March On the Memorials" that will take place on October 13th. American Thinker decided to use the World War II Memorial fiasco to point out the president's uncaring ways and how he tried to use veterans as political pawns.
Last Tuesday a group of WWII veterans from Mississippi, as part of the "Honor Flights" Program, was scheduled to visit their memorial in Washington DC. Honor Flight represents America's pride in honoring its veterans for their sacrifices. They pay for the veterans' trip to Washington so they can reflect at their memorials.
Since the beginning of the government shutdown, the White House and the Department of the Interior have both rejected a request to assure that the memorial remained open for the veterans. In fact, veterans were told that if they decided to attend arrests would be made. Congressman Steven Palazzo (R-Miss) came to their rescue. He first tried to reason with this administration, but got nowhere. He explained that the $90,000 cost was nonrefundable and that these veterans, in their 90s, might not have another chance to see their memorial. He then sent a letter wondering why an open-air monument that is untended throughout the day and is open 24/7, 365 days a year would be closed. Instead of compromising, the administration decided to put up barriers and yellow police tape barring entry, as well as sending his office an email stating, "the government is shut down what do you expect."

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dangerous Times: The Crisis-Monger

By James Lewis
October 5, 2013
American Thinker

Obama thrives on crises, not solutions.

That's the key to this whole administration.

The budget crisis today is the direct result of five years of over-the-top deficit spending, all demanded by Obama, who doesn't really care if the economy gets better or not.  Either way, he will blame the Republicans, with the unanimous support of our Soviet-style media.  He believes that politically he can't lose with a completely obedient media spinning everything his way.

As long as Americans are suckered by our monopoly media, we will never solve any real problems.  Instead, we will be drawn into phony crises instigated by Obama and the Democrats.  Any real dangers, like nuclear proliferation and the Jihad War, will be ignored as long as Democrats are in power.


The only permanent solution is to fire the mendacious media, and that is completely up to you.

Republicans are treated worse in this administration than mass-murdering Mullah Rouhani, who led Iran's truck-bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut in 1984, killing 299 young Marines and French peacekeepers.  That truck-bombing led to Hezb'allah, Iran's terrorist arm, taking over the nation of Lebanon.

Mullah Rouhani is now treated as a reasonable peacemaker by this endlessly mendacious administration.

Obama operates the same way domestically, where white and black unemployment is peaking, and he doesn't even bother to express concern.  The nation's crisis is his opportunity.

From tip to toe, Obama is a crisis-maker, not a healer.  He stirs up trouble every chance he gets.  Ask yourself how any U.S. president could willfully try to worsen race relations in the United States by flipping the judicial verdict in the Zimmerman trial, and you will begin to see the real Obama.  He doesn't care whether justice was done.  He only whips up more racial rage.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lessons in Liberal Projection: Conservatism Is 'Mean'?

By Lloyd Marcus
October 4, 2013
American Thinker

Is liberals' claim that conservatism is mean correct?  After reading this article, you tell me.

In the early sixties, two school bus-loads of us black kids from Pumphery, Maryland were bused to nearby Brooklyn Park Junior/Senior High School.  I felt like a speck of pepper in a salt shaker.

Every month, the best seven paintings from all the art classes were displayed in the school lobby.  Numerous times, a painting of mine made the cut.

The selection process perfectly illustrated conservatism, as it was based solely on merit.  Had today's liberalism been in power at that time, paintings would have been selected based on race, gender, and fairness.

Liberals would argue it unfair that only talented students experience the pride of having their paintings exhibited in the lobby.  Their do-gooder attempt to make everyone feel special would ultimately make no one feel special.  Anyone who opposed exhibiting every student's painting would be branded a hater, racist, or sexist.

Having my paintings regularly numbered among the best made me aware of my gift.  Liberalism would have robbed me of that knowledge which ultimately lead to a career as a graphic designer and art director.  That would have been a mean thing to do to a child.

Foolishly, liberalism attempts to make life fair, insuring equal outcomes via government controls.  However, life is not fair.  Humans make choices which produce various results.  One can never truly experience the thrill of victory without the agony of defeat.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Surreal and Suicidal: Modern Western Histories of Islam

By Raymond Ibrahim
October 3, 2013
American Thinker

Rereading some early history books concerning the centuries-long jihad on Europe, it recently occurred to me how ignorant the modern West is of its own past. The historical narrative being disseminated today bears very little resemblance to reality.
Consider some facts for a moment:
A mere decade after the birth of Islam in the 7th century, the jihad burst out of Arabia. Leaving aside all the thousands of miles of ancient lands and civilizations that were permanently conquered, today casually called the "Islamic world" -- including Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and parts of India and China -- much of Europe was also, at one time or another, conquered by the sword of Islam.
Among other nations and territories that were attacked and/or came under Muslim domination are (to give them their modern names in no particular order): Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Sicily, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Lithuania, Romania, Albania, Serbia, Armenia, Georgia, Crete, Cyprus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Belarus, Malta, Sardinia, Moldova, Slovakia, and Montenegro.
In 846 Rome was sacked and the Vatican defiled by Muslim Arab raiders; some 700 years later, in 1453, Christendom's other great basilica, Constantinople's Holy Wisdom (or Hagia Sophia) was conquered by Muslim Turks, permanently.

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Crucified Again: Exposing Islam's New War on Christians

Sunday, October 6, 2013

You're Resisting the Devil, So Why Won’t He Flee?

by Jennifer LeClaire
Charisma Magazine

Either the devil isn’t fleeing or one demon is lined up right after the other to take the last one’s place—at least that’s the thought that crosses my mind in seasons of heavy spiritual warfare. I’m resisting the devil all right, but it sure doesn’t seem like he’s fleeing—much less fleeing seven ways (Deut. 28:7).
Despite resisting with all my might, sometimes the enemy continues raging against me like he’s deaf or oblivious to the power in the name of Jesus. Yet I know God is not a man that He should lie (Num. 23:19). The Word is absolutely 100 percent true all the time, without fail. And God’s Word says every knee must bow to the name of Jesus (Phil. 2:10). So what gives?
When God’s Word doesn’t seem to be working, this I know: It’s not God’s Word that’s not working. Usually, we’re either missing some revelation or doing something wrong somewhere—whether we realize it or not. Either way, we need a revelation!


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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Death Panels and the WWII Veterans

By Jeannie DeAngelis
October 3, 2013
American Thinker


Ever since the threat of government-run health care became a reality and ObamaCare was signed into law in 2010, clear-thinking Americans have been worried about how the legislation would ultimately affect the elderly and infirm.  Now we know.

Sarah Palin called them "death panels" and was mocked for suggesting that when the federal government ran out of money, health care would be rationed, and the elderly, the infirm, and the chronically ill would be the first to be denied.

America ignored it when Obama told Jane Q Publick, aka Jane Sturm, that he would deny her 105-year-old mother, a woman with a joy for life, a pacemaker.  It wasn't Sarah Palin, but Barack Obama who said that at a certain point, based on their age, old people would be better off with a painkiller.

No American wants to believe that in order to cut down on costs, bureaucrats, never mind the president of the United States, would purposely allow some of us to die. 

But for those who observe President Obama's actions and refuse to compartmentalize his comments, it's been abundantly clear that this is a man who lacks respect for the sanctity of life -- anyone's life.

After all, if a person approves of the unfettered slaughter of defenseless unborn babies and also enthusiastically funds the brutal procedure to end their lives, doesn't it make sense that such a person is capable of just about anything?

That's why it's no surprise that the president recently inflicted abuse on elderly WWII heroes who congregated in Washington, D.C. to visit a memorial erected in honor of their service.

The soldiers were part of Honor Flight, a program that gifts WWII veterans with an expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C. to view the WWII Memorial.

Allegedly because of the shutdown, 80- and 90-year-old veterans were refused admittance to the site.  Now we come to find out that much like what is suspected in the "Fast and Furious," Benghazi, and IRS scandals, the White House had direct involvement.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

How to Lose the House Without Really Trying

By David Catron
9.30.13 @ 6:09AM
The American Spectator

During a crucial battle of the military campaign that ultimately propelled him to supreme power in Rome, Julius Caesar put himself and his outnumbered army in such a vulnerable position that he briefly considered suicide. He and most of his troops survived, however, because the man commanding the opposing force was too timid to take a tactical risk. Afterward, surprised to find himself alive and his army relatively intact, Caesar made an observation that the leadership of the GOP would do well to remember: “Today the enemy would have won, if they had a commander who was a winner.”

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

6 Words That Will Reignite Your Prayer Life

Susie Larson
Charisma Magazine

A while back, I had author Emily Freeman on my show, and she said the best thing: Is it more important to please God or to trust Him?

She went on to say, “If we focus on pleasing God, we’ll quickly get into striving, but if we entrust ourselves to Him and trust Him for all He is, we’ll stay in that place of grace, and we’ll please Him in the process" (my paraphrase).

Using TRUSST as an acronym, here are few things I learned about reigniting my prayer life:

T- Thanksgiving: Almost always, when I sense that the fire has gone out and my passion has waned, it’s because I stopped being grateful—stopped thanking God for all of the blessings I enjoy. When we focus too much on what we don’t have and on what God is not giving us at the moment, we lose sight of the fact that God is always wonderfully good, is beautifully for us and will never forsake us. Start today by thanking Him for everything you’d miss tomorrow if you woke up and it wasn’t there.

"Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus" (1 Thess. 5:18, NIV).

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Why 'Equality' Must Die

By Selwyn Duke
October 2, 2013
American Thinker

Take a look at the following list and tell me if anything strikes you:
  • Prudence
  • Justice
  • Temperance
  • Courage
  • Faith
  • Hope
  • Charity

Viewing these, the Seven Cardinal Virtues, anything make an impression? Okay, now try the Seven Heavenly Virtues of:

  • Chastity
  • Temperance
  • Charity
  • Diligence
  • Patience
  • Kindness
  • Humility
Anything? What strikes me is that equality is not among them.

Scour great works, such as the Bible, and you won't find talk of equality. Not one bit -- that is, unless you consider The Communist Manifesto a great work.

One thing about virtues -- which are defined as "good moral habits" -- is that their exercise doesn't require the cooperation, or compulsion, of another person. I can cultivate prudence, temperance, courage and the other virtues in myself, and I can do it all by myself. So while a virtuous society is desirable, virtue can also be a purely personal goal. And this is one time when focusing on the self needn't be selfish, for we should take the log out of our own eyes before worrying about the speck in our brother's. 

But equality is far different. Just as there can be no numerical equality without at least two numbers, there can be no human equality on an island with a population of one. And while you could increase patience through personal change, increasing equality necessitates societal change; it involves raising people up as much as they're able -- which requires their cooperation -- and insofar as they're unable, it involves bringing others down. This is where compulsion enters the equation. The point is that, unlike with virtues, increasing equality is always an endeavor of the collective.
Another quality of virtues is that, as Aristotle noted, their cultivation is necessary for a happy life. And lack of virtue in the collective can make life harder, such as when the government stifles just economic freedom (excessive regulation), suppresses truth (hate-speech laws) or imposes some other aspect of tyranny. We also want our survival needs fulfilled: enough food and water and a roof over our heads. And we'd like the opportunity to pursue proper pleasures and dreams and exercise our creative capacity. But is actual "equality" necessary for happiness?