Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Random Thoughts on "Leftyism"

People are grasping that the only thing Lefties yield to is superior power. They don't listen to reason, they don't argue rationally, they don't respectfully exchange points of view. They have no interest in anybody getting a fair hearing; they want only to dominate, to bully, to push around, to tell you and me what to do and force us to obey. They relish the exercise of coercion, not the exercise of persuasion. —Jack Rail, FreeConservatives

To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid; liberals think conservatives are evil. —Charles Krauthammer

Of course, leftist precedents having been set are sacrosanct, while other precedents are benighted, retrograde and have to be fixed. —Thomas More, FreeConservatives

The fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives is: Conservatives believe man was created in God's image; liberals believe they are God. All their other behavioral tics proceed from this one irreducible minimum. —Ann Coulter

By Michael David Rawlings

Any idea that ventures beyond the barren fields of cliché, lefty shuts out of his mind. Instead, he scratches at the surface of things and calls that which flacks off profundity.

The most daunting challenges facing this nation are not its fiscal and economic woes, but the cancer of self-imposed ignorance and bootlick subservience to the statist rhetoric of class warfare.

Of course Lefty is a statist bootlick, but the reason he deplores liberty is because he's terrified of it. He knows that his collectivist claptrap cannot compete in a free and open society, so he cheats and steals and lies his way along, using the judiciary, for example, as a means of maintaining his monopolistic stranglehold on the public education system in direct violation of natural and constitutional law. In other words, he's a coward at heart and a fascist by default.

In spite of lefty's contention, teachers are not underpaid by taxpayers; taxpayers are underserved by teachers.

Lefty regards all expressions of the truth as invective.

The recognition that reality is governed by absolute, universal imperatives is the beginning of grappling with the infinite nuances or complexities of the human experience. Beyond the developing intellect of youth, it is atheism, relativism or nihilism that perpetuates the black-and-white thought processes of intellectual immaturity. To the relativist—the incurious and almost invariably leftist—this is counterintuitive.

Progressivism's big lie is progressivism itself. It's the collusion of big government and big business to repress the working poor, the middleclass and small business. It's the crony capitalism of the self-anointed elite . . . a fact that flies right over the heads of the drooling idiots of Occupy Wall Street.

It's impossible to reason with the leftist. He doesn't process life like normal people, as even the most obvious conclusions elude him. He thinks and speaks in clichés. He proclaims and debates in slogans. When contradicted, he robotically spouts hysterical epithets like racist, homophobe or fascist. Once he veers off into this mindless routine, there's no getting him back on the topic at hand.

When fascism comes to America, it will be drenched in the blood of aborted fetuses and carrying a sign with some politically correct drivel or another scrawled across it.

The leftist doesn't know why the conservative is wrong, as he doesn't rightly understand the conservative's worldview in the first place. In the meantime, the conservative grasps the nuts and bolts of collectivism at a glance.

The only things that prevent a world of plenty as they produce a world of hurt are bloated, corrupt governments and the thieves who run them.

When they could no longer credibly deny the successes of the "Teflon Presidency," leftists begin to propagate the deliriously stupid fantasy that Reagan was an empty suite dangling from strings manipulated by some mysterious cabal. These dead-enders continue to prattle this fiction in spite of the fact that Reagan's political career entailed one of the most prolific records of personally authored addresses and op-eds of any president, a record that outlined the very same ideas he boldly enunciated and implemented during his presidency. When leftists aren't changing the subject, they're contriving new lies to tell themselves and others.

The leftist imagines bogeymen lurking around every corner where none exist, and he's determined to enslave us all in his mission to exorcise them.

All leftists are conformists.

Lots of leftists are well-educated, after a fashion. It's just that their ideas are so borrowed, so predictable, so banal . . . so untrue: a stream of mindless slogans lifted from a lifetime of PC conditioning.

Bottom line:  lefty is a bootlick statist.

Martin Luther King was a sexual degenerate, an apostate, a communist, a traitor. He despised the American ethos, consorted with enemy agents, helped erect the welfare plantation and spawned a generation of race-baiting pimps. He was an opportunist who cared for nothing but his own aggrandizement. But worst of all, like his ideological predecessor, the Marxist DuBois, King repudiated the legacy of America's greatest black leader, the true patriot Booker T. Washington.

Lefty can't allow that conservatismclassical liberalism, reallyis stone-cold logic predicated on the lessons of history and the imperatives of human nature.  Yet, it's the joyful celebration of human life and liberty.  It's passion and poetry, music and romance. It's the masculinity of rugged individualism and the femininity of true compassion.

The manner of lefty's rhetoric is that of the moralizing shew, and the smirk on his face is that of the pitchfork-wielding Jacobin.

When you think of the leftist, think of the thought-conditioned denizens of Huxley's Brave New World, think especially of the sexually promiscuous and, therefore, passionless Alphas who think the romance of monogamy and familial allegiance is strange, even disgusting. Think emotional, intellectual and spiritual death.

When Lefty's not spouting banalities as if they were profundities, he's spouting insanity as if it were enlightenment.

In spite of his oft-repeated admonitions about nuance and open-mindedness, lefty is the Bruce Jenner of black-and-white think, a veritable virtuoso of the slammed-shut door.

Progressivism is not a uniform system of political thought, but a uniform collection of political slogans.

Lefty's IQ is cliché raised to the infinite power.

Compassion, tolerance, understanding, inclusion, acceptance: these are the code words of demonization in the leftist's handbook, the lexicon of Pollyannaish doofuses.

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