Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Apology Tour Continues. . . .

 By Michael David Rawlings
The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam. —Barack Obama, September 25, 2012, U.N. Address 
This statement stuns the moral and patriotic sensibilities of the American conservative, but the most stunning thing of all is the thought that Obama might actually believe that sentiments like this one serve to mollify the mindless savage of the Muslim streets. But more to the point, does Obama imagine that the likes of President Morsi (political head of the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest hate group in the world) and President "Wipe-Israel-Off-the-Face-of-the-Earth" Ahmadinejad, who have been cynically ginning up the mindless savage of the Muslim streets for years, are mollified?

In any event, it is clear that Obama's entreaty was greeted with contempt.

This is just the sort of talk that emboldens evil. To the Muslim rabble it translates as a statement of fact . . . if you get my meaning; to the elites of Islamofascism it translates as a show of weakness.

Allow me to Americanize Obama's womanish twaddle: The future must not belong to those who would suppress the inalienable rights of humanity, including the right to think or say whatever one pleases about that depraved prophet of the religion from hell; instead, it belongs to the defenders of liberty who will hunt you down and kill you should you violate our sovereignty in any way, shape or form.

Arab leaders rebut Obama speech
By Neil MacFarquhar
New York Times News Service
September 27
The Bulletin News

The presidents of Egypt and Yemen argue at the U.N. that cultural limits on traditional Western freedoms must be respected.

 "Muslim Leaders Make Case for Global Blasphemy Ban at U.N."

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