Monday, March 7, 2011

Is Atheist-Think "Hardwired" for Irrationality and Statism?

by Michael David Rawlings

Is atheist-think "hardwired" for irrationality and statism?  In other words, how do we explain the fact that the vast majority of atheists embrace the inherently irrational, self-contradictory supposition of relativism, which almost invariably leads to the oppressive or even totalitarian politics of the statist?

Aside from the obvious stupidity of asserting that there exist no absolutes except the absolute that there are no absolutes, and, therefore, the absolute that there are no absolutes is absolutely false (an objection that does not rise up and overthrow the view that reality is ontologically and epistemologically absolute!): most relativists are merely the brainwashed products of post-Enlightenment, governmental institutions of education and socialization, which arbitrarily preclude certain aspects of reality.

They don't even know they've been brainwashed, as they foolishly believe that relativistic modes of thought and behavior are the very essence of open-mindedness, fairness, freedom, tolerance or whatever. But of course relativism is utter nonsense. For not only is it impossible for the relativist to explain how two or more diametrically opposed ideas could all be true at the same time and in the same way within the same frame of reference (i.e., true in any objective sense), he cannot and does not behave as if such a thing were objectively possible either. He's just delusional, a Pavlovian-conditioned dog barking rhetoric that is not only falsified by the rational forms and logical categories of human consciousness, but by the societal imperatives of human interaction.

The inherently tyrannical applications of relativism are imposed, variously, under the guise of political correctness, multiculturalism or, if you please, inclusionism, with the latter, relative to its origins, being a heretical theological construct of assimilative reconciliation, something of which the space cadets of collectivism are almost universally unaware. It is all about the imposition of an essentially Marxist or materialist collectivism that suppresses individualism and free association. It's adherents are just a gang of relativist thugs imposing their ideology on the rest us as they imagine themselves to be individualists and pretend that the typically hateful, ugly and decidedly non-inclusive rhetoric and behavior they leverage against non-conformists was something other than what it really is. Tyranny. Injustice. It is the sort of thought and behavior that inevitably leads to theft and murder.

But not all atheists (Christopher Hitchens, for example) eschew natural law, i.e., the political implications of the Golden Rule, the mandates of classical liberalism. Their metaphysical delusions aside, essentially they embrace what is, relative to their ontological convictions, an artificial absolute that would limit the power of the state and that of the collective against the demands of inalienable human rights, which include the protection of private property and, subsequently, the officially unfettered expressions of individualism and free association. In other words, they consciously eschew a literal application of materialism to the realm of human interaction.

Behold the irrationality and the tyranny of the brainwashed: "Another Atheist's Unexamined Thought Processes: A Close Encounter of the Raw Kind."

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