Saturday, November 9, 2013

To the 41% who still approve of the Obamanation of America: "You're killin' me, Smalls"

By Michael David Rawlings
November 8, 2013

While Obama and his enablers in the mainstream media continue to lie about his lies, the destructive realities of Obamacare are sinking in for many for the very first time.
Those who are informed and can think their way out of those wet paper bags in which far too many Americans live nowadays already knew that Obamacare would necessarily be a debacle due to certain universal imperatives woven into the very fabric of reality itself, including certain principles that govern human nature and the ebb and flow of real-world economics. The disastrous website is just the first paragraph in this tail of deception, incompetency and misery.
Of course millions will lose their coverage and their doctors, of course millions will pay higher premiums and deductibles for plans that include coverage for things they don't want or need, and of course fewer and fewer at an ever greater expense will subsidize the coverage of more and more. So much for the Affordable in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), so much for its supposed economy-boosting provisions and so much for the new system's sustainability.
And Americans will pay more for less, not only because the inevitable supply-and-demand dynamics of this 2000-plus-page monstrosity entails rationing and deferment, but because tens of thousands of healthcare professionals are going to opt out of the system or leave the already short-handed healthcare profession altogether.  It doesn't take a genius to understand that a dramatic increase in the scarcity of healthcare providers means a decrease in the frequency and competency of care provided by those who are willing to remain in the profession for less and less compensation.
In the meantime, Democrats continue to blather about the supposedly nonexistent Republican alternatives; that is to say, they shamelessly lie about all those constitutionally sound proposals they've demonized and opposed for decades at both the state and federal levels that would relieve the American people of the artificially inflated costs of healthcare services and the artificially inflated premiums and deductibles of medical insurance in a healthcare system that, prior to Obamacare, was otherwise essentially sound, superior to any other in the world.
The only thing that has ever kept the American healthcare system from being all that it could be in terms of efficiency and quality is the government. For the most part, all government intrusion in the American healthcare system has ever served to do is confound competition and encourage corruption and dependency.


What has always been obvious to the sane has never been understood by the rest.
The political left's decades-long endeavor to seize control of America's healthcare system has never been about improving it. It's never been about lowering costs, improving the quality of care or increasing the number of persons covered. Driven by a dunderheaded, zero-sum-gain mentality and a depraved indifference to truth, make no mistake about it, the Democrats' goal has always been the eradication of private health insurance and, by default, the absolute control of the various institutions that provide healthcare itself. Ultimately, their goal is to own and control you and me. The power over life and death, to provide or not provide this or that vital care, is an alluring prize for the self-anointed tyrannical souls among us.
In short order, just a handful of nationally instituted, free-market reforms would eliminate burdensome regulation, dramatically reduce unnecessary costs and sharply increase the number of Americans covered via their very own means and volition.
Problem solved.
From the beginning, the Democrats intended the ACA to be just the first step toward a strictly government-controlled, single-payer healthcare system.
Let us hope that those of the Republican establishment, who were not content to respectfully disagree over political strategy but stupidly attacked the Tea Party and its leadership for its stance in the recent budget battle and the partial government shutdown, are utterly discredited in 2014 and 2016. These are the magpies who, with the mainstream media's help, are trying to make the most reliably conservative members of the Republican Party out to be political extremists or na├»ve bumpkins. These are the patsies who are splitting the caucus along the very same rhetorical line of insult and marginalization routinely drawn by leftist politicians, academicians and journalists. The RINO, Beltway bullies of McCain et al. in both the House and the Senate even went so far as to echo the Democrats' demagoguery intended to make Senator Ted Cruz out to be a McCarthyite figure. This is the same faction from whom the constitutionalists of the Goldwater-Reagan Revolution wrested the Republican Party and made it the majority party for more than twenty years after decades of exile.  These are the compassionate conservatives who accordingly undermined the brand name during the last decade, as if the triumphal renewal of America during the 1980's and '90's required an apology.  Finally, this is the same faction of the Republican Party that is 0 for 2 against the Pollyannaish drivel of a community organizer in 2008 and a scandal-ridden empty suit in 2012.

As for certain pundits, for example, Charles "if-your-opponent-is-bent-on-suicide-get-out-of-his-way" Krauthammer, the whole point of putting an exclamation point on the Republican Party's opposition to Obamacare is to make sure that an increasingly ignorant and thoughtless electorate doesn't forget who the wrist-slitters are come 2014 and 2016. The low-information voter has always needed the ministrations of a sledgehammer to get anything through his thick skull. Let us hope that the realities of dramatically higher premiums and deductibles are the migraine that finally snaps those who gave Obama a second term out of their collective stupor. The short-term ire of the historically ignorant and philosophically clueless—that is to say, the easily manipulated know-nothings who vote according to trend and sentiment instead of standing on reality's readily obvious and universal imperatives—is of no lasting significance. 

Obamacare is that bad!
I was willing to grant that Michael Medved merely failed to grasp the true essence of the long-term goal of the Tea Party's election strategy in his obtuse and poorly reasoned objection until he suggested that the motives of Senator Ted Cruz, a devout Christian, by the way, who led the charge, were purely political in terms of personal ambition.
Behind the desk in the Oval Office sits a truly vile and treasonous human being—a pathological liar, a political sociopath—and Medved attacks Cruz's character, a patriot and stalwart defender of the Constitution?
Given that Cruz's passion and his resolve to keep the promise he gave to those who elected him to fight Obamacare without ceasing while many others made the very same promise and broke it, Medved's blather is even more despicable than that of Congressman Pete King and Senator John McCain, both of whom viciously attacked Cruz on the floors of their respective chambers and on television.  Medved could not know any such thing about Cruz's  motives for a fact and owes him an apology!  In the meantime, though several journalists have tried to draw him out, Senator Cruz has scarcely acknowledge these attacks, let alone responded to them in kind.
The senator's character shines brightly.

The personal attacks and misrepresentations of the Tea Party's strategy by the Republican Party establishment has only served to confuse the electorate, that is to say, has only served to embolden leftist politicians and journalists to paint constitutionalists as extremists and even blame the ongoing political and economic malaise of leftist policies on the only constitutionally loyal opposition.
Hence, we have these shamelessly disingenuous utterances from the Messianic One:
Right now there's a group that—and a few of them are from Texas—who just aren't willing to do the hard work and compromise necessary to move the country forward.  —Barack Obama

I have to say that I am a proud Democrat and committed to the values that the Democratic Party represents, but I'm also interested in getting the Republican Party back in a functioning state, because this country has two parties, we need both of them operating in a way that allows us to move forward. —Barack Obama
Translation: anything this arrogant fool proposes is sacrosanct; any action taken that opposes his agenda is that of the benighted.
Like it or not, we must win the mindless sheep among us over to the way of natural and constitutional law, even if it's only their votes that are garnered in reaction to the insanity of the Democratic Party, which is to say, in reaction to the disastrous consequences of the socialist party's policies. Low-information voters and the faddish center do not reflect on history or reason their way to sound politics and economics from first principles. We have to win first, and then educate them the very same way we educated them in the 1980's and '90's, the only way they can be educated: by the commonsensical, liberty-affirming government of natural and constitutional law, by the manifest successes of conservative policies.

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