Thursday, August 29, 2013

Scott Brown and Chris Christie Can Go Live in Exile Together

By Robert Oscar Lopez
August 26, 2013
American Thinker

. . . Nowhere did Scott Brown mention the fact that Chris Christie had just signed into law a moronic statute making it illegal for minors to get therapy to avoid homosexual behavior.  Christie was not content merely to sign this stupid law and join an elite class of like-minded governors including Jerry Brown (who signed the first state ban against "ex-gay" therapy in California).  He also belly-flopped into the realms of psychobiology and theology, insisting that gay people are born that way and that homosexuality isn't a sin.  To say such a thing, he had to have never read the actual research by sexologists who can find no proof of genetically caused homosexuality.  He also must have never read a book called the Bible.

Maybe Brown didn't feel the need to mention this, since the ex-gay therapy ban has not been proposed in his own state of Massachusetts yet -- oh, wait.  It has.

Has Christie or Brown ever heard of someone named Donnie McClurkin?  McClurkin, a Christian black musician who used to be involved in the homosexual lifestyle, was recently blacklisted from a concert in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.  The reason?  He's not in the homosexual lifestyle anymore.  It's not like he's based in New Jersey -- oh wait, yes, he is.  So Christie is lazy enough to sidestep reading about "ex-gays" in his own state, even though McClurkin's story was all over the conservative press.  Why read the conservative press when you're Republican?  That's such a "divisive" expectation.