Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Echoing Miley, President Obama Twerks America

September 11, 2013
James Simpson
American Thinker

He lies, denies, smears and defies America. He sticks his tongue out at our laws, our institutions, our traditions and our noble heritage. His one-man wrecking crew policies have spiked gas prices and government debt to unprecedented levels, and promise to destroy healthcare. Unemployment remains high, and has only declined due to discouraged workers leaving the labor force entirely. He undermines national defense with agreements that benefits our enemies at our expense, demands confiscatory taxes and illegally legislates through regulation and executive orders. He bans White House visits, then jets off on end-to-end exorbitant vacations.

He glorifies perversion while punishing morality. His foreign policies have caused the murder of American citizens overseas, which his own spokesman calls old news. His defense policies have caused the needless deaths of American servicemen - including the horrifying, inexcusable killing of the Extortion 17 SEAL team - while insuring that the conflicts for which they paid the ultimate sacrifice will be lost. His arrogant, revolting display of contemptuous, conceit is more obscene than a year's worth of Anthony Weiner tweets. He is presiding over the premeditated destruction of American society.

Yet now Obama wants -- nay insists -- that we follow him into Syria. Is he insane? Or maybe we should ask, has our entire DC establishment gone insane?

Congressmen and Senators from both sides of the aisle treat his infantile proposals as though they were the Ten Commandments being delivered by Moses himself. John McCain and Lindsay Graham demand our participation, while John Kerry with his characteristically affected elitist airs issued one gaffe after another. Even the Washington Post, normally a reliable PR outlet for Democrats, couldn't resist cataloging Kerry's endless display of stupidity: