Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Memo to Hillary Clinton: What a Difference, at This Point, a Year Makes

By Daren Jonescu
September 18, 2013
American Thinker

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They will continue to mouth the words of progressive manipulation, as will their bootlickers in the media.  But those words can no longer sustain the aura of doublethink and self-justification.  American progressives are people who, like Clinton and Obama, were forced to make a choice this year, a choice between admitting they have lost the narrative and simply carrying on with acknowledged lies.  A choice between admitting to themselves that their actions have become unmoored from any semblance of human decency and doubling down on a life lived according to sociopathic principles.  A choice between defending their petty self-interest at all costs and confessing their undeniable culpability.  They chose evil. 


America's progressives have lost the tether of well-controlled lies and public perceptions that anchored their decisions in cool calculation.  The underlying truth has not changed, but its uncontrolled release is irradiating the progressive psyche.  There is a very big difference between believing that your corrupt deeds are concealed and knowing they are fully visible to anyone who bothers to look.  Suddenly, keeping up appearances is no longer enough; distracting people from looking at what is no longer hidden becomes the overwhelming goal. 

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