Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Decline and Fall of Political Discourse

Steve McCann
December 19, 2013


Whenever these same advocates appear with the conservative opposition, a pre-programmed recording is switched on.  This consists of:  1) the talking points of the day as issued by the White House or the Democratic National Committee; and 2) tried and true platitudes which consist of:  the nation needs to spend more money to solve any and all problems while raising taxes the evil rich; Republicans despise minorities, women and children; and any overt criticism of President Obama is a expression of not so subtle racism.  When called out on these points and confronted with irrefutable facts, the recording is switched on again and repeated more stridently and tactically as a filibuster in order to dominate the air time. . . .  This is a manifestation not only of mind-numbed robotic repetition but, more importantly, the necessity of those who traffic in these banalities to be part of what they perceive to be the in-crowd and the absolute necessity to stay in favor with the governing class which is predominantly liberal.  That requires no independence of thought or the ability to generate an original idea.  Being a mindless foot-soldier for the cause maintains the emotional attachment to the elites.  This is the motivating factor for the majority of the mainstream media as well.