Monday, October 14, 2013

Magnificent Imbeciles: The Enemy Within

 By Jen Kuznicki
October 14, 2013 


Karl Rove
Peter Wehner



Michael Gerson
Jennifer Ruben


Grover Norquist
All of the aforementioned Imbeciles represent a faction at the DC level, who are trying to destroy the coalitions and definitions within the GOP.  The State GOPs in turn have their own representation of these malefactors, and are engaged in the same tactics as the Imbeciles, to the detriment of their own party unity.  They refuse to as much as listen to the constitutional arguments and pocketbook reality of tea party members and constitutional conservatives, but they will tout an idea from a Democrat, from a philosophy diametrically opposed to their own party’s.
These Imbeciles are the enemy within the GOP.  They came to us, year after year, living off the fat of the Reagan Presidency, swearing they were what he was.  But not only are they attacking private citizens in little towns across America, they are attacking the talk radio conservatives who come into millions of people’s homes every day, educating and providing, like Reagan did, the articulation of conservatism the nation so desperately needs.
Those who are paying attention to politics are unhappy.  They are upset at Obama for being the Marxist-In-Chief, and are upset at the GOP for not doing a damn thing about it, for failing to acknowledge and diagnose the problem, and for spending billions to remain a minority party.
The direction of the GOP with the Imbeciles in power will continue to lose at the federal level, and can only further tear apart the GOP, disuniting and agitating rather than building coalitions and embracing the common sense of the common man.
They are fakes, phonies, frauds and Magnificent Imbeciles, and they need to be picked apart and dispatched from politics if America is to survive.
Senator John McCain

Senator Lindsey Graham

Congressman Pete King

Governor Chris Christie